It can be a worrying time when your pet is diagnosed with Diabetes.  The vet will work with you to bring the condition under control but then we have found that many owners feel they would benefit from further help in long term management of the condition. 


We are delighted to offer a new support service for our diabetic patients and their owners.  Diabetes Mellitus is a surprisingly common disease in both cats and dogs.

Therapy includes daily insulin treatment and monitoring, some diet and lifestyle changes and regular check-ups to look for possible urine infections and changes in weight, as well as proactive disease management.

To be told that you need to inject your pet once or twice daily can be a little daunting, but with our support we know that many pet owners soon feel at ease with the new routine of regular injecting. Our Diabetes Clinics offer guidance and support both for owners beginning their journey with a diabetic pet, as well as those we are old hands at it!

What happens at the clinic?

At the free clinic, which is bookable throughout the day, our qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse, Louise Leonard, will assess your pet’s weight, treatment, routine, lifestyle, diet and medicine handling. Any concerns can be discussed and a personalised plan is then made. You will usually see the same person, as Louise is the Diabetic Clinic Senior Advisor, so your pet’s individual circumstances can be fully taken into account.

We’ve found that many of the hiccups in treating diabetic pets can be prevented both by regular monitoring and excellent communication between pet owners and the veterinary team. Having someone who knows and understands you, your pet and your home circumstances gives you peace of mind and reassurance that you are doing the right thing for your pet.  From the positive feedback from clients we know Diabetic Clinics have been a really positive addition to our range of Nursing Clinics.

To make an appointment for the Diabetic Clinics with Louise please call

Peterhead 01779 472 460 or Fraserburgh 01346 510 000

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